North Carolina Society Color Guard

Gary Green, NCSSAR Color Guard Commander
NCSSAR Color Guard Commander, Lt Col Gary O. Green, USAF (Ret.)

The 2010 NCSSAR Color Guard participates in the Misenheimer Grave Marking Ceremony.

The NCSSAR Color Guard at Kings Mountain 2010.

The Color Guard in the Sons of the American Revolution serves as a means to involve our members in the activities of the Society, especially younger ones. They add a note of color and bearing to our celebrations, both public and private, and attract the attention of the general public to the activities of the Society.

The Color Guard is used in ceremonies to open and close meetings of the SAR, DAR, C.A.R. and other organizations. They participate in parades, memorial services and grave markings. They bring favorable publicity to the SAR with their colorful flags, attractive uniforms and colonial style music. The Color Guard is organized on the state society and/or chapter level. North Carolina fields a "combined Color Guard" made up of men from several chapters who assemble just like the minutemen.

Download the NCSSAR Color Guard Standard Operating Procedure Handbook

Written by NCSSAR Color Guard Commander, Major Dick Bishop, USA, (Ret.) 2010,
updated 27 July 2015 by Lt Col Gary O. Green, USAF, (Ret.)

"My Guidance has been geared to North Carolina recommending that the Chapters building their small color guard start with Militia Period Dress, i.e. Tricorn, Hunting shirt, long pants, and those common items worn and used by the common farmer, as they are easier to dress up or down according to the weather. I also encourage our men to build on a four man unit with two riflemen and two flag bearers and to start by posting the Betsy Ross and their Chapter flag at each meeting. I encourage all to attend announced events and to participate in period dress."

- NCSSAR Color Guard Commander (2010-2014), Major Dick Bishop, USA, (Ret.)

If you are interested in participating with your local North Carolina Chapter Color Guard, please contact your Chapter's president. Our North Carolina Society State Color Guard Commander is Lt Col Gary O. Green, USAF, (Ret.)

Improving the Authenticity of the Color Guard Uniforms

This is an interesting .PDF article you can download and read...the article includes a booklet from 1994 from the North Carolina Historical Reenactment Society.