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SAR Brochures


Requirements for Membership


To Help Preserve a Precious Lineage


Preparation of Application


SAR 'Whats'


The George Washington Endowment Fund



SAR Chapter Business Forms



SAR/NCSSAR Americanism Score Sheet - current as of 17 March 2015.

Chapter Officer's Update Form- use this form to report a change in officers to NCSSAR.


Bronze Color Guard Medal Report Application - use this form to report a candidate for Bronze Color Guard Medal.


NCSSAR Event Protocol Guide (updated January 2015)


NCSSAR Handbook (Sections F & G) - updated January 2015



SAR Forms



SAR Record Copy Request Form - to request a copy of a SAR application. The cost is $10.00 to download a copy.

SAR Membership Form - to join the society or to add another patriot ancestor.


SAR Membership Form Example - to get an idea of how to fill out the form.


SAR Transfer Form - to transfer a current membership from one state to another.


SAR In-State North Carolina Transfer Form - to transfer your membership from one NC chapter to another NC chapter.


SAR Dual Membership Form - to become a member of two State Societies.


SAR In-State North Carolina Dual Chapter Membership Form - to become a dual chapter member of another North Carolina chapter.


SAR Reinstatement Form - to reinstate an inactive member.


SAR North Carolina Patriot Grave Marking Documentation - Form for submitting North Carolina Grave Sites.


NCSSAR State Life & National SAR Membership Plan - Thomas N. "Nat" Clark State Life Membership Plan - Download the form.



NCSSAR & SAR Life Membership Forms


Scenario #1: If you have an existing National SAR Life Membership, and you would like to have a North Carolina Life Membership, please download and complete the NCSSAR State Life Membership form.


Scenario #2: You would like to enroll in both the National SAR Life Membership and the North Carolina Life Membership. You will need to complete both forms and to submit both forms, along with your check, to the NCSSAR Secretary.


Download the SAR National Life Membership form here.


Download the NCSSAR State Life Membership form here.



Updated April 13, 2015.