The North Carolina SAR has awarded bronze Minuteman medals and a certificate to the outstanding JROTC cadet in each unit across the State for many years.

To Request Medals for Your School

First, look here to see which North Carolina SAR Chapter your school is assigned! When you find the North Carolina SSAR Chapter assigned to your school, click here to find the contact information for the Chapter president.

The Chapter President will then obtain the medal, and a representative of his Chapter will present it to the recipient. As these medals must be personally presented by a representative of the Chapter, we will be unable to present a medal if there is not a North Carolina SAR Chapter within a reasonable distance of the school. We will order medals on November 1, for presentation in the following spring, so it is important that you contact your local Chapter as early as possible giving:

  1. The name and mailing address of the school
  2. The name of the senior military instructor and his phone# and/or e-mail address
  3. The name and type of JROTC unit (Army, Navy, AF)
  4. The planned date (and place – if known) when the medal will be presented.

It is not necessary to include the name of the recipient. The certificate can be sent to the senior instructor prior to the ceremony for inscription of the cadet’s name.

JROTC Award Medal Distribution Chairman

Guy Chamberlain
6332 Woodleigh Oaks Drive
Charlotte, NC 28226-8532

(704) 543-0720

Outstanding JROTC Cadet Annual Award

In 1998 the program was expanded to recognize outstanding cadets at the state and national levels as well. Cadets are nominated to the state competitions by their unit’s Senior Military Science Instructor. Nominees to this program must be in their next to last year of JROTC (e.g. a third year cadet in a four year program or a second year cadet in a two year program). Selection criteria: patriotism, leadership, military bearing, and scholarship. Nominated cadets must rank in the top 25% of their high school class and in the top 10% of the JROTC cadets.

SAR 2015 JROTC Outstanding Cadet awarded April 18 2015.
NCSSAR ROTC Scholarship Chairman Guy Chamberlain presents this year’s recipient, Ms. Lexus Lee, with her award during the Youth Awards Luncheon held April 18, 2015 in Burlington, NC.

Download the JROTC Enhanced Outstanding Cadet Award Nomination/Entry Form here.

To nominate the outstanding cadet of a unit for consideration in the current year state and national levels of competition – submit your nomination packet before 31 December to:

JROTC Candidate Selection Chairman (Please send all submissions here)

Michael T. Aycock
229 Morganwood
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
(910) 849-6133

The nomination packet should contain:

  1. A completed nomination form: Download the JROTC Enhanced Outstanding Cadet Award Nomination/Entry Form.  If you are unable to obtain a nomination form from the web pages – request one from the JROTC Candidate Selection Chairman.
  2. A recommendation by the Senior JROTC Instructor with comments about the cadet’s leadership potential.
  3. A recommendation by the Principal, with verification of GPA.
  4. An original essay by the cadet, of 500 to 700 words. The essay may be done on a computer, typewriter, or by hand (in ink). The topic of the essay: “How JROTC has prepared me to be a better citizen of the United States”.

Winners of the state contests are then entered into the SAR National Society’s JROTC award program.

State and National Awards:

The outstanding North Carolina cadet will be presented a $750 cash award, a silver framed ribbon bar containing a silver star for the Minuteman Medal drape, and a certificate recognizing their achievement. The cadet will then be sponsored by the North Carolina Society to the national competition.

The Outstanding Cadet in the Nation will receive a gold presentation medallion on a neck ribbon, a gold framed ribbon bar and a gold star for the medal ribbon drape, a cash award of one thousand dollars ($1,000), and the National Society will provide up to one thousand dollars in travel expense funds for the cadet to attend the National Society’s Congress in July to receive their award and be recognized by the Sons of the American Revolution.


Make a Contribution Pledge to the National SAR JROTC Program

The SAR ROTC/JROTC Scholarship Program is one of our organization’s longest running and most successful youth awards program. Primarily, these scholarships are funded by the many local SAR Chapters, the State organization, and SAR National. But you can help, too!

Please download our Contribution Pledge form and send it in with your kind donation. We appreciate your support of the SAR ROTC/JROTC Scholarship program!